First-Time Mountain Bikers Are Perfect To Have an E-Bike

Why have an E-Bike is good for first-time mountain bikers?

I was five miles from Wurzburg, Germany, a Bavarian city on the Main, in a secluded wooded area with my cousin Mike. It was late August, but the thick canopy of trees sheltered us from the summer sun, a welcome reprieve from the sweat that was already oozing from my shirt after the trek. The trip started at Mike’s house on the west side of the city and followed Highway 27 for several miles until we reached a clearing with a path that led directly to the woods. By the time I reached the clearing, tired and sweaty, the bottom half of my clothes smeared with mud, I watched my Cousins disappear into the distant woods, leaving me in their dust.

first-time mountain bikers

Mike is known to ride here a lot. Andy, who lives near Salzburg, often goes cross-country cycling in the Alps. But what about me? This is my first time riding a mountain bike.

Not only was it my first time riding mountain bikes, but I chose to ride my cousin’s HOTEBIKE electric mountain bike. My cousin owns three of these bikes, each promising to transform novice riders into people who can handle moderately difficult climbs. Now I’m testing this theory.

Broken branches and mossy stones jut out of the ground, and if I fall at breakneck speed, it won’t just be my scarred self. I wiped my smooth palms on my jeans and clamped on the rubber handlebars of my bike. Perhaps afraid of embarrassment and telling my Cousins that I had bowed before I had even tried it, I pushed the ground away. The foot immediately instinctively found the pedal and I slid down the hill, my body feeling like I’d been thrown into a rock tumbler.

I realized — and I think this is something every aspiring mountain biker learns quickly — that it’s not a drop you need to worry about; This is the ramp. Since I hit the brakes so many times during the descent, I didn’t have enough power to pull me up the back half of the slender U. I felt like I was suspended in the air briefly, just long enough to realize my mistake before crashing back to Earth. And I did a straight drop, roll and land on soft, soggy ground.

A SHUANGYE was designed to help with the situation I found myself in. However, to measure my own ability, I turned the motor off on the first climb. Apparently, it’s on a roll.

With a variety of assist Settings, each offering varying degrees of glamour, riding the HOTEBIKE feels like you’re learning to ride a bike again, with your parents pushing you from behind. The higher the setting, the more powerful your parents are. On the highest set, your dad is basically Jason Momoa.

The e-mountain biking trend is not new. E-bikes are the fastest growing type of bike on the market. Sales grew by 80% from 2017 to 2022. While these numbers reflect e-bikes as a whole, rather than specific e-mountain bikes, a cursory search suggests that more experiences are needed to incorporate these machines.

We recognized early on that electric mountain bikes, unlike traditional mountain bikes, couldn’t just be “fixed” into our existing adventures.

These trips give riders of all skill levels the chance to take their hobby to exotic places such as Slovenia, Namibia and Croatia. “The SHUANGYE is aimed at novice riders — those who have been riding for a year or more and are comfortable on forest roads, gravel trails and rough terrain,” David said. “At the high end is our Tour of Switzerland — these riders should have experienced steep single-track climbs and technical dips that turn back, as well as rocky and multi-root terrain through forests.”
Leaning against my seat at the lowest point of the first descent, I pressed the up arrow twice on the digital screen and pushed the latter half of the obstacle with minimal effort. From just one spectacular climb, I felt as if I understood what this bike could do for a beginner like me. With a little bit of know-how, you become, in essence, a robot, a tandem of human and machine, capable of conquering seemingly impossible feats on your first ride.

I kept going, dodging logs and diving in a vain attempt to see one of my Cousins. As I approached the next big incline, I instinctively applied the brakes and stopped the bike. I don’t know how long it takes to feel comfortable approaching the edge of the earth and joyfully heading into the abyss, but I believe the answer is more than twice as long. I set the computer to the highest position and stepped on the windowsill. Once again, it felt like driving 45 on cobblestone streets, and I couldn’t help but hit the brakes as before. This time, however, my puny stampede carried me to the other side, leaving me to continue on the narrow path.

“The pedal assist provided by the SHUANGYE battery relieves some of the hard work of climbing on a normal mountain bike, meaning you can go further or cope with more dips on your ride than just your legs,” says David. “The battery has given more people the confidence to get out and enjoy the trails and do climbs — sometimes downhill — that they would never have imagined.”

electric mountain bike

I fell a few more times. Avoiding fallen branches and recently felled trees is not something the motor can help you with. Still, if my mountain bike had been all manual, I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it to the finish line. When I reached my Cousins at the edge of the woods, I was pretty pleased with my performance, no matter how long they had been waiting for me, which I later discovered was “all summer.”

When I started riding back to my cousin’s house, my bike was dirty and my body was beaten, and I wondered if I could sell Mike for a while before our trip down the highway. After all, with or without exercise, foreign muscles still hurt after riding. A beer garden sounds good. Before I spoke and further cemented my beginner status, I turned to the small screen in front of me and set the bike’s assist Settings to the highest. I could breathe on my legs, and I coasted through the German countryside.

We are not talking about path access. It’s easy to estimate the range of an e-bike when commuting on the tarmac, but things get more complicated when riding off-road. The range of an e-bike battery depends on many factors, including terrain type, wind, weight, support mode used, amount of climbing, etc. While most electric mountain bikes can easily do cross-country rides of 30-50 km, if your Sunday outing involves a longer 3-4 hour ride, then using an electric mountain bike will require carrying another battery. Multi-day bike trips have also become more complicated. Worrying about battery capacity may run counter to your reasons for riding.

Buying an electric mountain bike won’t make you fat. If anything, the power to quickly escape into the hills will see you riding far more, enjoying more trails and putting in more kilometres each week. Yes, an electric mountain bike takes some of the load from our leg muscles, reducing the power output needed to conquer steep slopes, but it also switches us from anaerobic to aerobic exercise. While we may not build the same lean muscle mass in our legs, the potentially longer and more aerobic activity is excellent for building stamina and burning fat. Also, the higher total weight of the bike results in a greater upper body workout when shredding trails.

Aside from being really good fun, you will also find you use the electric mountain bike for commuting, as a family tool, as an SUV and will ride more frequently when the weather isn’t as great.

Bicycles mean different things to different people. For some people, a bike is just a tool, a way to get around. For others, the bike is a cherished member of the family, loved and cared for like the family dog. The bikes we all yearn to see online guide our inner child to imagine the amazing adventures we can share together. For some, SHUANGYE’s electric mountain bike will represent a passport to endless exploration, more paths and fun. For others, they will lack the beautiful simplicity of electric mountain bikes. Buying a new bike is always an emotional decision. But if you are a horse lover and have been sitting on the fence until SHUANGYE can offer downhill fun to match its uphill advantage, then yes, now is the best time to invest. Ultimately, there is no “best” solution, only the one that works for you.

If you are looking for a new way of commuting or want a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about electric bikes and electric scooter or please leave information to us.

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