Folding Electric Mountain Bike G4

The 3 Best Folding Electric Mountain Bike of 2022

Elevate your ride with the Shuangye Electric Folding Mountain Bike. Conquer any trail or road with the latest technology at your command. Featuring a high torque motor and superior parts, the Shuangye Electric Folding Mountain Bike G4 gives you the next level riding experience.

36V 250W High End Aerodynamic Folding Mountain Ebike


MOTOR:  36V  250W Brushless Motor               

WHEEL:  26″*1.95

SHIMANO:  7/8/9/21/24/27  gears

Battery:    36V 10AH/13AH Hidden Lithium Battery



36V 350W Popular Folding Electric Mountain Bicycle


MOTOR: 36V 350W Brushless Motor

WHEEL:  26*1.95

SHIMANO: 7/8/9/21/24/27  gears

Battery: 36V 10AH/13AH Hidden Lithium Battery

MAX.SPEED:   30-32KM/H


48V500W Hidden Battery Folding MTB Ebike


MOTOR: 48V 500W Gears Brushless motor

WHEEL:  26*1.95

SHIMANO: 7/8/9/21/24/27  gears

Battery: 48V 10AH/13AH/14.5AH/15.6AH 




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Shuangye electric bike Company Workforce

Taking up an area of 6, 000 square meters within Zhuhai city, the so-called “China’s most happiest city” , Shuangye electric bike has over 9 departments to best take care of all of your needs. Including sales department, production department, purchase department, R&D department, quality control department, machining workshop, polishing workshop, and assembly line, organized warehouse and more.

Trusted Company

Passed ISO9001:2015 certification Entered the international ebike market, secured many international quality certifications.hotebike are pristine and ready to ride!

Ridefast Shipping

Our bikes ship in our ridefast box for speed and safety. All tools you need to assemble are included.The assembly indicator above can give you an idea of how this bike to assemble.

Reliable Service

Shuangye has partnered with many well-know brand in Europe, Asia and South America. Many of them co-operate with since the year we established. Now 15 years past and our relationship won’t stop.

Why choose Shuangye electric bike

Shuangye has the most new designs and stylish electric bikes to choose from. Visit our product line and buy the styles required for your project. Compared with other suppliers in the market, you can buy electric bicycles at a more competitive price without compromising quality and durability.

Power Hub Motor

High speed geared brushless motor, the high efficiency is more than 80%,and the low noise is less than 60dB.It ensures high performance,efficiency and a smooth ride.

Small Folding Frame

Get all the advantages of a full size mountain bike PLUS the benefits of a small folding frame all in one. The Shuangye's simple yet revolutionary design gives you the best of both!

Waterproof Lithium Battery

The battery is removable to make the bike easier to lift on a rack,and lockable to prevent theft.Whether you want to have a spare battery or need to replace the older, we always provide high quality battery.

Shimano 7/8/9/21/24/27 Gears Shifter

The Shimano 7/8/9/21/24/27 Gears Shifter & derailleur allows you to easily shift between gears on your electric power bike to meet your commute and pedaling needs

LCD Display

Control your ride with the digital LCD display,featuring a riding speed,battery capacity indicator,motor power display,trip distance,cruise function,and PAS level

High Intensity LED Headlight

With safety in mind,the high intensity front LED headlight ensures that you can see and be seen..Reflectors and an integrated taillight with brake light aslo enhance visibility on the go.

To customize your ride

Batteries of different sizes

The battery affects the speed and duration of the bike. Choosing the different battery affects its efficiency and the amount of distance you can travel on a single charge.

Motors of different sizes

In general, the higher the wattage, the higher the power of your e-bike, the greater the power. You can choose different motors according to your weight and different uses.

Wheels of different sizes

We offer wheels of different sizes for you. Choose your size range based on your riding style. Contact us if you have any doubts about tire and rim sizing for your body size and preferred style.

Air suspension part

Air suspension improves the ride height based on the load weight and a vehicle's speed. What's more,it reduces the bounce over rougher roads and terrain.

LCD big screen display

No bulky backlighting systems are needed, which significantly reduces their weight and thickness.LCDs can have incredibly high resolutions and longer service time.

Shimano hydraulic brake

It helps to generate more braking force compared to the previously employed rim brakes.Easy to control and clean appearance with stable brake performance for ordinary riders.

Samsung battery cells

They hold charges very well and pack a lot of energy into a small space. What's more,it can last for hours and hours. You don’t have to replace their batteries because they are rechargeable.

Brushless DC Motor Controller

Brushless DC motors have better performance and efficiency.We uses SMT technology so the components are small. And the aluminum substrate has good heat dissipation performance.

Food delivery box

Food delivery boxes can be securely fixed on the back of the motorcycles to allow for transportation of goods or for other personal uses. They are less bulky, so it is easy to place or remove from the bike.


Recommendation on user height and weight

Our Happy Clients!


298 reviews

Joseph T.
Verified Buyer

So far, the bike’s been great! I ride it about 13 miles a day, to work and other places beforedual motor electric bike heading home, and at that rate, I’ve had enough battery power to run between 3-4 days.Ever since I adjusted the pressure in the front and rear shocks for my weight, the ride’s been pretty smooth, even over the dark, uneven, root-strewn path I take home.It’s been pretty much the best electric bike I’ve owned, and I’ve had several.”

Bob S.
Verified Buyer

I started my charge journey with a couple mishaps, but I couldn’t be happier with the end result. When I put the bike together I was really exited to go for the first ride, but unfortunately there was a potential issue with one of the tires that kept that from happening right away. I reached out to customer service and they quickly and professionally resolved the problem. I was on the road a few short days later and have had many great adventures since then. I rest easy knowing if something does go wrong or if I need replacement parts, Charge will be there to take care of me. Charge on!

Angelina M.
Verified Buyer

I researched ebikes for two months. There are many choices and styles. I test rode a couple of different bikes and quickly figured out what I wanted for a commuter bike. My commute is 7 miles each way on paved trails and a little bit of asphalt streets. I’m easily able to commute two times without even thinking about it. Great ride, fast enough for me and I feel safe. 

Joseph G.
Verified Buyer

Absolutely love it. Just a few minutes to put together and ready to ride (once battery is charged). Now come on spring or at least go away snow!

Helen C.
Verified Buyer

Fares to pay, guzzling gas tanks to fill, cranky commuters to put a damper on your day—wave goodbye to all of them as you cruise by on your e-bike. Soak up the fresh air, sunshine and joy as you go and arrive looking fresh and feeling energized rather than drained. Helen has hit a home run with this bike. It provides everything I could possibly want for a city commuter bicycle.

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