How to maintain electric bikes:eight questions and answers

How to maintain electric bikes:eight questions and answers,Electric bicycles are light and convenient, and are loved by the majority of office workers. But in daily use, if you ignore its maintenance, the life of the electric bicycle will be greatly reduced! Ten kinds of electric bicycle maintenance problems, bring you electric bicycle maintenance, eight questions and eight answers!

1, Should I charge the battery for my new electric bike?

Generally speaking, the electric bicycle battery will not be too sufficient when it is newly bought, so it needs to be tested. If the battery is only less than 30%, it is recommended to ride it full. In other cases, as long as the distance is not too far, you can ride home to recharge.

2, When is the best time to recharge?

When the overall electric power of the electric bicycle remains about 30%, it is the best time to charge the electric bike at this time, and the charging time should not exceed 12 hours to avoid overcharging the battery. If the cycling mileage is within 5-10km every day, it is recommended that you do not charge frequently, otherwise the battery life will be terminated in advance.

3, What if the battery is low when riding?

When riding, it is generally found that the power is insufficient and should be charged in time. Although the battery has the controller voltage limit protection, the static moment storage point voltage rises, although the short riding, but such use will cause the battery overcharge, seriously affecting the service life of the battery.

4, What if one of the batteries fails?

When one or more batteries in a battery string are faulty, replace the battery as a whole. Do not replace the faulty battery alone.

5, What are the dangers of overcharged batteries?

If the use of inferior charger for charging, or failure of the charger, will cause battery water loss aggravation, electrolyte prematurely dry, easy to cause the deformation of the drum, so that the service life of the battery terminated in advance.

6, What should I do if the battery is not used for a long time?

The battery must be fully charged after storage, and the battery must be replenished once a month, in order to avoid the battery due to long-term power deficit storage, resulting in the battery due to plate sulfate and capacity decline or even scrap the situation.

7, Do electric bike batteries need maintenance?

Because the battery will produce hydrogen and oxygen gas in the charging process, most of the gas will compound into water in the battery, only a small part of the gas will be discharged from the battery through the safety valve, which will lead to battery water loss for a long time. Therefore, if a power box becomes hot after the battery has been used for eight to 10 months or when it is being recharged, it is better to check and maintain it at a service outlet.

8, What should be paid attention to when carrying the charger?

Electric bicycle in the use process often due to uneven road surface vibration, the charger will follow the vibration, its component parameters will drift, affect the charging performance and even damage the battery. If you have to take it, you should put the charger in a relatively elastic space.

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