Which type of three wheel electric tricycle is suitable for you

Whether you have stability issues keeping you off two wheels or simply want more exercise, the best three wheel electric tricycle offer a fun, easy way to get moving. They’re a cinch to ride, have great safety features, and can zip up hills with a breeze. Maybe you’ve already seen one on the road, but if you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat.

Most people like three wheel electric tricycle because they allow me to multitask. Most come with storage, so you can use them for trips to the laundry mat or store.

However, they’re also great for long leisurely excursions. Some can go up to 55 miles per charge and have recumbent seating, so you can just lean back and steer.

They’re definitely attention getters, which also doesn’t hurt. They come in fun colors, and often can be decked out with fun accessories to make them truly your own. Whatever your reason for being trike-curious, you’re sure to find one that gets you where you want to go. Ready to roll? Keep reading to see our favorites.

Is there a three wheel electric tricycle?

Oh, yes. In fact, there are many three wheel bikes! Trikes or ‘adult tricycles’ are unbeatable when it comes to offering a stable ride. Because of their structure, they require minimal, if any, effort to balance. This single feature makes them very attractive to older adults and those with limited mobility.

Similar to the best electric bikes for women, three wheel electric bikes are extra special because they offer a kick of power. They’re equipped with battery operated motors that make it easier to go up hills.

Again, if you have foot pain or bad knees, opting for a trike with some juice can help you get back out on the road. You can still bike manually, but also have the option of pedaling with the motor (referred to as pedal assist), or going fully electric.

The higher the motor watt (350 and up), the easier you’ll move up steeper inclines. However, this isn’t to say that these bikes are good for just hills. They’re also great for cruising through town and getting your errands done. The best three wheel electric bikes include rear baskets, headlights, and button-based throttles that make an already fun experience exhilarating.

A great example of Electric Hybrid Tricycle. I’m obsessed with its color options, the accessible step-thru frame, and that has a thumb throttle to control the motor’s power. It’s made by Sixthreezero, which has a super user-friendly site. If going through specs and bike heights overwhelms you, I highly recommend starting your shopping with them. They make the process easy.

When shopping for your three wheel electric bike, pay attention to how far it can go between charges. If you want to take long rides, a 750W motor can zoom up to 45 miles, which may be a good option. In contrast, if you’re more interested in something just to take you to the corner store and back, the 250W Adult Electric Tricycle can go 22 miles between charges.

Are three wheel electric tricycle safe?

three wheel electric tricycle

If you’ve avoided electric bikes because you’re afraid they have too much pep, an electric tricycle is a great option. For one thing, they’re easier to balance and control, which greatly cuts down your risk of injury. E-bike users also tend to ride conservatively.

According to Portland State University, those with electric bicycles only went 3 miles per hour faster than conventional bikers. In some settings, traditional cyclists actually out-pedaled them. Although a reason wasn’t given for this, it could be that electric bike owners are more cautious since they know how fast they can go. This might lead to them being safer bikers.

Three wheel electric bikes can make you feel like a kid — in a good way — but have the type of safety features grownups love. For example, the Adult Electric Tricycle, has an advanced breaking system, and front suspension to help tires maintain surface contact. It also comes with an extra-large rear basket, which technically has nothing to do with safety, but makes the trike superb at carrying groceries home.

You’re not required to have a special license or insurance to operate an electric bike. However, you still need to remain alert to your environment. Some of the best three wheel electric bikes have thick puncture-resistant tires that are excellent at gripping the road. You can also step through the frame, which is great if you don’t have a full range of motion.

Like all bikes, three wheel electric bikes offer many health benefits. According to Geriatric Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehabilitation, cycling can help reduce muscle loss in seniors. And according to Harvard Medical School, getting outside for just 20 minutes daily is enough to improve your mood, lower anxiety, and reduce blood pressure.

Operating an electric bike can take some time to get used to it. It may be helpful to practice in a flat, non-busy area, where you can become accustomed to the throttle, and the bike’s overall operation. Go slow, and then once you’re familiar with all the settings, you can speed things up.

It goes without saying that you should always wear a bike helmet. Although most of the best three wheel electric bikes will include an electric horn and lights, the rules of the road still apply!

How much does a three wheel electric tricycle cost?

Three wheel electric bikes average between $1,000 and $3,000. If that sounds pricey, you may be glad to know that these bikes last a long time. According to Sixthreezero, bike motors last up to five years. Interestingly, motors tend to be extra durable, lasting 10,000 miles or longer. Tires, chains, and breaks should be checked out for wear and tear every 3,000 miles or so.

Considering that traditional bikes need their break pads changed every 1,000 miles, it’s not hard to see that electric trikes are actually affordable. They’re safer than two-wheelers, awesome for those with balance issues, and make transporting things super easy. It not a surprise that so many want them.

How to choose a suitable three wheel electric tricycle

electric tricycle

250W Adult Tricycle, 24 or 26-Inch Wheel Options, Low Step-Through Aluminum Frame, Cargo Basket, Multiple Colors. A safe and sturdy choice for people who need a secure ride. A safe and sturdy choice for people who need a secure ride.

Suitable Specs:

36V 250 watt motor

Recumbent seating

10AH Li-ion battery

20 mph per charge

Have groceries to grab or in the mood for a workout? Whatever your day calls for, the powerful Adult Electric Tricycle can help you accomplish it. It has a powerful 500 watt motor that can zip you around town.

Deep front and rear baskets are perfect for hauling your purse, laundry, or even a bag of soil for your home garden. Adjust the recumbent seat, turn the key, and speed away to your favorite local spots.  The bike features a chain and crank system for easier pedaling, and if you use pedal-assist instead of straight electric, you can go up to 25 miles.

Miss your turn? Press the reverse button on the handlebar, and allow the front suspension to smoothly move you around. There’s an advance breaking system in case a furry little squirrel dashes across your path, and the step-thru frame makes this super easy to climb in and out of.

Suitable Specs:

36V 350W motor

Up to 25 miles

4 -5 hours charge

20″*4.0 fat tire

The three wheel Electric Tricycle is available with a 500w motor. With this much power, one may easily reach a speed of 30km/h.

The larger motor options also assure that your e-trike will be able to go longer distances. You may choose between a 48V 15.6Ah battery for longer, safer journeys, as well.

Suitable Specs:

48V 500W motor

With 7-speed/21-speed transmission system

High capacity removable lithium battery

Center differential design, Safe turn protection

Two rear wheel power supply

A verify buyer review: “The throttle system is incredibly easy to use, and the motor is very effective and quick…You can pedal and just keep the throttle light, or let the thing zip about. I do the first just to ensure that I won’t run out of battery power. The seat easily adjusts to accommodate shorter people (like me), and the cargo area in the back is actually a lot larger than it looks in the picture. You can easily put in a week’s worth of groceries or other items [inside], though I wouldn’t put anything fragile [there].”

If you are looking for a new way of commuting or want a healthier lifestyle, we are here to help you. Visit our website to learn more about electric bikes and electric scooter or please leave information to us.

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