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Shuangye Fat Tire Electric Bike List

A6AH26F fat bike 26 INCH

D1 fat tire electric bike

A7AT26 fat tire Ebike

A6AH20F electric fat tire bike 20inch

A7AM20 fat tire Ebike 20inch

A7AH20 electric bicycle fat tire 20inch

Shuangye Electric Fat Bike Advantages

By purchasing a suitable electric bicycle. The Shuangye manufacturer catalog provides a range of reliable and durable models that are perfect for you.

Unique Design

Designed independently by our company, the appearance is generous.

LCD Display

LCD display with large text and modern styling.

Fat Tires

With a pair of good tires, you can go anywhere you want to go.

Durable Use

The aluminum alloy frame ensures durability yet lightweight.

Bicycle Handlebar

Handlebar is made of aluminum alloy, high strength straight handlebar is suitable for climbing and off-road.

Front Fork

aluminum forks not only improve the support strength of the e-bike, but also make the e-bike look more beautiful!

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Why Choose Shuangye Manufacturer?

Shuangye cooperates with many industrial companies from all over the world and has been hailed as one of the best electric bicycle suppliers for many years. We are known for providing excellent products that help personal and commercial services and production requirements of different environments

Our customers and customers have trusted us for many years because we have effectively responded to their needs, quality requirements and our expertise in bathroom faucet manufacturing and materials.

Customer Support

We have 24/7 online customer support team helping your solve any problem about your products.

Service Coverage

Shuangye operates globally.We have cover different regions from USA,Europe,Asia and more.


The manufacturer of Hotebike has more than 15 years of expertise and experience.

Cost Saver

Our company innovates to both custom and conventional demands creating cost-saving solutions.


The product warranty applies to all products owned by theHotebike manufacturer and has a 15-month warranty.

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