36v 20 Inch Folding City Electric Bicycle A3AL20

20 inch city electric bicycle

Carbon steel folding frame,price is very cheap

Provide OEM and ODM

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36v 20 Inch Folding City Electric Bicycle A3AL20

Shuangye Lithium-Ion can take you up to 100km on one charge and makes the hills feel almost flat. Taking many cues from the best-selling shuangye Lithium, electric bike with proven all-round use ability, the Lithium-Ion adds the fantastic Shimano STEPs pedal-assist system with 3 levels of power-assist and a 250W output. It’s got all the added zip you could need to enjoy the simple pleasure of being on two wheels without the fatigue. It’s fully road-legal, it can be ridden anywhere a conventional electric bike can, it’s able to carry a load without effort and it’s fun to ride at all times – a true ticket to freedom. Tow the kids around the park, keep up with others more easily, commute with less fatigue, you could even load it up for easy bike-camping … there’s so many ways in which this bike could change not only your but your whole family’s cycling.

20 inch aluminum alloy folding frame,handlebar and saddle height can be adjustable,suitable 1.2m-1.8m to riding,operation is very simple, first pull out the saddle knot or handlebar knot, and counter-clockwise to loosen the knot adjusted height of electric bike, and then tighten the knot.Front wheel and rear wheel is V brake,Shimano transmission system,36v 250w motor in rear wheel that electric bike have strong power to climb hills.

City electric bike with 36v lithium battery,Electric resistance and PAS mode,if PAS mode,riding mileage have 100km.

36v 250w Brushless motor with lock,if you lock,motor refuse to run,so your electric bike is very safe in parking,250w motor have strong power for climb hills,slope of 12 ° is not in question.



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