Electric Bike Commuting & Safety Tips

Commute confidently with your Flyer™ eBike. Follow these electric bike safety tips before you ride to respect the road and be more aware of your surroundings. Keep reading for our top 4 electric bike commuting and safety tips.


Before taking off, plan your route ahead of your trip. When you are confident in your next turn or signal, you can emphasize visibility and communication.


Practicing your ride is also a great tool. For instance, if you are planning to bike to work on Monday morning, test your route on Sunday to practice biking on specific roads to plan for turns and traffic.

Some apps estimate trip length and traffic. Map out the route on an app to discover the details.

Lastly, check for opportunities to adjust your route to include designated bike lanes or bike paths.

woman buckling child into child bike seat on black electric bike


Radio Flyer recommends that all riders check local guidelines for electric bike riding. Flyer™ eBikes are a Class 2 eBike with a top speed of 20 MPH, which is the top speed of motor assistance for this class.

If you plan on riding on a trail, research the trail rules ahead of time to confirm it allows bikes and electric bikes.

mother and child on an electric bike on a nature trail


Flyer™ eBike tires are puncture resistant, meaning they can take on city streets like a pro. Be sure to monitor tire pressure and examine accessories before you ride. Just like you would check if your shoes were tied before running, make sure accessories are zipped, buckled, and secure.


A high intensity LED headlight ensures you can see and be seen. Reflectors and an integrated taillight with brake light also ensure visibility.

Flyer™ eBikes have a 30-50 mile range per charge. Before taking off, check the battery life on the LCD display. Flyer™ eBike batteries charge in 5-10 hours, so plugging it in overnight before a trip is a great way to prepare for the day.

In addition to the integrated safety features on the Flyer™ eBike, we test our Flight Speed™ Lithium Ion battery pack to the UL 2271 Standard for Batteries used in Light Electric Vehicles. The Flyer™ M880 and Flyer™ L885 both use a UL 2271 tested battery. Learn more about UL testing on our blog.

Check out ourspring maintenance guide for more information on keeping your bike ready to roll.


The last step is to strap on safety gear! Riders should always wear a helmet and children should be buckled into the Thule® Yepp Maxi Seat.

Lastly, check the weather before heading out. You may just want a light jacket or sunscreen before your next adventure.

Riding an electric bike is not only safe, but it is a blast! Follow these tips so you can pedal confidently on the road or on the trail. For more eBike tips, check out our blog eBike 101: Guide to Safe Riding.

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