How to ride an electric scooter: 10 beginner skills

How to ride an electric scooter: 10 beginner skills

Riding an electric scooter is easier than riding a bicycle, and most people can pick it up immediately. This guide will help you get started and cover insights on how to ride an electric scooter and techniques.

A quick start guide on how to ride an electric scooter

Wear protective equipment that suits your travel and cycling style. Before you ride the scooter, you need to wear suitable equipment.

First of all, no matter how short the trip or how fast the bike is, you should always wear a helmet when riding. A CPSC-certified bicycle helmet is the smallest, but you may want something more to protect higher speeds.
Learn more in our helmet guide. Your equipment and clothing should always match the speed and type of your travel. Higher speed = more gears. For higher speeds or if riding on heavy traffic roads, you need to add long-leg pants, gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and closed-toed shoes.

You can also add more protective equipment, including elbow and knee pads, or maybe a full racing suit. For most riders, these are overkill. Man wearing full safety gear rides an electric scooter
Make sure you are familiar with your scooter and its controls
Before riding, it is important to be familiar with your scooter. Make sure you know the position of the accelerator, brakes, lights, and horn.

If you have just received a scooter, it is best to take it to a protected outside area, such as a parking lot, and make sure you understand how the accelerator feels and how the brakes work. If you want to be very cautious, you can use it as a standard scooter to test your scooter without even turning on the power. This allows you to have a good sense of balance, steering and braking.

Finally, make sure you understand how the folding mechanism on the scooter works. Depending on the scooter you own, you may have folding stems and folding handlebars. Make sure you know how to lock the two in place. There are many mechanisms, some with additional safety features, which must be used to prevent them from folding while riding.

Some mechanisms make a clicking sound when they are properly seated, while others do not. Read your instruction manual and make sure you understand how it works. People familiar with electric scooters

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