5 Steps to Bike to School

Biking to school is not only a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, but it’s also a fun and environmentally friendly way to start your day. Keep reading for 5 tips to make your biking to school experience safe and enjoyable.

5 Steps to Bike to School with Kids


1. Plan your route

Before you start biking to school, it’s important to plan your route. Using a map or fitness app is a great way to identify safe biking paths or bike lanes on the way to school. It is recommended to check local guidelines before using your eBike on local bike paths or trails.


Once you have a route, try it out on a weekend or during a less busy time to get a sense of the traffic and build confidence. Be sure to bring the little ones along to practice this new routine.


2. Practice makes perfect

Getting comfortable on the bike is a great way to ease nerves about trying something new. Start by biking around your neighborhood to get a sense of your favorite way to ride (will you choose pedal assist or full throttle?) Then, practice your route a few times to get comfortable with the traffic flow and any tricky spots. Bring a friend or neighbor along to make this even more fun… it’s the new way to carpool!


3. Grab the right gear

Flyer™ eBikes are designed with safety as a top priority. Features like an integrated bell, headlights and taillights and reflectors enhance safety for riders and passengers. It’s also a great idea to wear reflective or bright clothing for those early morning drop-offs. And of course, helmets for all riders and passengers are a must.


Be sure to check the weather before heading out! It’s always a great idea to layer up with a windbreaker and sunglasses to keep you and passengers comfortable during the ride.


4. Practice safe riding

Skipping the carpool lane is a blast and fun alternative compared to gas-powered cars. While biking to school is fun, it is equally important to prioritize safety. Always obey traffic laws and signals, and ride with the flow of traffic. Use hand signals to indicate turns or stops and make eye contact with drivers before crossing intersections.


Finally, make sure to keep your bike maintained and in good condition – check your brakes, tires, and gears regularly to ensure they’re functioning properly. Check out our bike maintenance checklist for tips to prepare your bike for the season.


5. Fly to school!

Now that you have a plan, proper gear, and feel confident with your ride, are you ready to Fly? Unlock miles of smiles by replacing car trips with bike trips.


Top Picks for Biking to School

Flyer™ electric bikes are designed to safely haul kids and cargo, so you can’t go wrong with any of our eBike selections. Discover three of our favorites for simplifying biking to school.


School Bundle

Meet the ultimate eBike for traveling to and from school. The unique bundle of custom accessories is designed for families to fly through the drop-off line with your Flyer™ electric bike, the Official eBike of Back to School™. This bundle includes a Flyer™ L885 electric bike, Kid & Cargo™ Carrier, Front Storage Basket, Handlebar Bike Mirror, and Cell Phone Mount for storing everything from backpacks, lunchboxes and of course your little ones.  Five levels of pedal assist and a throttle make it easy to transport your kids and their gear.



Flyer™ Folding Cargo

The Flyer™ Folding Cargo is ideal for mornings when you drop your little ones off and fly straight to work or errands. It’s the ultimate last-mile solution, where you can beat the bell for school drop off and fly past traffic on the way to work. Choose custom accessories to fit your lifestyle, like the Kid Carrier for your little ones and a Front Storage Basket for your briefcase.



The Flyer™ M880 is designed for versatility and utility. With the hauling abilities of a cargo bike (payload capacity of up to 300 lbs.!) and customized accessories to fit your needs, this bike is ideal for biking to school with one child. Plus, a range of 50+ miles mean you can enjoy the ride without worrying about the charge.



Share your school drop off smiles with #RadioFlyer on social if your family is replacing car trips with bike trips.

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