Most of the e-moped designs we see feature rigid frames and a suspension fork with 80-100mm of travel. The Himiway C5 increases that travel to 140mm and adds rear suspension, making this a notably more comfortable design, and more able when riding on unpaved roads.

Despite its 88-lb. weight, we believe riders will see good range with the Himiway C5 due to the 960Wh battery. That’s a big battery; we’re not convinced that riders will see 80 mi. in range, and even 60 mi. might be a challenge, this e-moped will offer any rider plenty of range if they recharge after each ride.

We would like to have seen full fenders front and rear, but the C5 does come with bright front and rear lights, and the rear light also serves as a brake light.

One notable feature of the Himiway C5 is that this is a Class 2 e-moped and Himiway makes no mention of being able to unlock the C5 for Class 3 or unlimited operation. What that means is that parents looking for an e-moped that will keep their kid to e-bike speeds and not traffic speeds will be able to have confidence that their rider is going a manageable speed—20 mph.

This is a terrific design that will offer a notably more comfortable ride than most of its competitors.

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