Frame and fork

Himiway built the C5 on a heat-treated 6061 aluminum frame. It features an air-spring shock, though there’s no word on the amount of suspension travel the rider will enjoy.

The frame is built with a bench-style seat as you’d have with a motorcycle. It offers great comfort, but doesn’t make for easy pedaling.

The suspension fork offers 140mm of travel, which is enough to make riding on dirt roads pleasant. It could make a cobblestone road feel like new pavement.

Motor and battery

The Himiway C5 is built with a 750W brushless, geared hub motor that produces 86Nm of torque. It’s one of the more potent hub motors we’ve tested. Riders looking for snappy acceleration will be able to throttle their way to top speed with ease.

Considering this e-moped or e-motorcycle is unlikely to be pedaled much, the C5 needs a sizable battery if it is to enjoy a reasonable amount of range, and Himiway came through with a 960Wh battery, which is almost a third greater capacity than necessary to meet our 1:1 motor power to battery capacity rule of thumb.

Himiway suggests that riders can hope to see as much as 80 mi. per charge. It’s important to keep in mind that such a figure is a best-case scenario and for riders to see that, they’d need to be pedaling in PAS 1 any time this e-moped is moving. For a rider using the throttle exclusively, we would expect the range to be closer to half that. That shouldn’t sound like a knock, though. If the Himiway C5 can cover 40 mi. on throttle, that makes it a long-range champ among e-mopeds.

The rider who does wish to pedal, though, will be rewarded with immediate and proportional acceleration, thanks to the addition of a torque sensor. It makes for a more seamless riding experience.

Drivetrain, brakes and wheels

Himiway equipped the C5 with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain with a 14-28t freewheel. This will be handy for anyone when they are pedaling, but for the user who favors the throttle, it won’t add much.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are paired with 180mm rotors to provide solid stopping power and control in turns. Though the tires on the Himiway C5 are big, it still rolls on 20-in. wheels, which makes this a very powerful combination, moreso than it would be with 26-in. wheels.

The 20 x 4-in. Kenda K-Shield tires come with a medium-profile tread that will roll well on asphalt, but still give riders a reasonable amount of traction when off-road.

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