Built to protect you from the modern high-speed pace of the game, CCM has rolled out an all new game-changing helmet with the Super Tacks X.

  • Nest Tech 3 D printed liner and D30 material to help distribute impact energy
  • Tool-free adjustment for a personalized fit
  • A pro preferred shell for impact absorption and a pro look
  • Nest Tech liner and multi-density foams for better protection
  • Reinforced side impact frame for added protection in key areas

CCM’s research and development combined with 3D digital manufacturing are fused into this new Super Tacks X helmet to produce a cutting-edge helmet that will keep you better protected and comfortable on the ice.

Designed for the elite level player with top of the line protection in mind, the Tacks X is engineered to dissipate impact energy. This is done with the D30 material and introduction of a leading-edge 3D printed liner that has different geometries which helps to manage and absorb all types of impacts in key locations.

Helping in the comfort department, CCM has the Nest Tech liner that conforms and wraps your head in a soft and continuous unparallel fit. This, along with multi-density foams, which offer pro-level added protection, will give you a helmet with unmatched fit and comfort. For breathability, the unique 3D printed Nest Tech Liner keeps your head cool and feeling great due to its unmatched maximum airflow.

CCM’s tool-free adjustment system will allow you to easily manipulate the helmet so it best fits your head. This easy to use front-to-back side adjustment has a wider size range for a more customizable fit. Finally, rounding out this helmet is an outer shell with a pro approved look and new structured stiffness for added protection on the sides.

When purchasing new protective equipment, especially a hockey helmet, it is vital to find the right fit. Without the proper fit, even the most technologically advanced helmet will not be effective. Finding the model and size that fits your head correctly will ensure the protective features will be able to do their job. If you’re unsure which helmet fits you best, or you’re looking for accurate measurement and assessment, visit your local Pure Hockey store.

Helmet HelmetHelmet

Padding: D3O Type of internal padding.
Liner: Nest Tech Type of inner liner material.
Adjustable Length: Yes Ability for length-wise size adjustments.
Adjustability Type: Side Clips How you are able to adjust the helmet.
Occipital Lock: N/A Type of occipital lock.
Tool Free Adjustability: Yes Ability for tool-free size adjustments.
Helmet Certifications: HECC, CSA Certifications held by the product.
Cage Type/Color: N/A Type and color of cage.
Warranty: 1 Year Period of time the product is covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

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